Cannabis Talk with Kelly is a production of 2020 Solutions Cannabis, a recreational and medical marijuana retailer with stores in Bellingham and eastern Washington. This series was created with the intent to both educate and entertain as we discuss various topics from the serious (medical) to the silly (MacCannabis Challenge). Our mission is the same as at our stores: we hope you learn something and ultimately leave with a smile.

Kelly Ryan is a Budtender at 2020 Solutions Iron Street in Bellingham. After a cross-country road trip that originated in New York - Kelly and her dogs discovered Bellingham and the Pacific Northwest and decided to put down roots. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the cannabis industry. This is her first on air appearance.

Kelly Ryan - The Host

Local boy makes good. Well not that good - no banana pancake jokes please. Talented, tuned in and totally fun to have on every show.

Jack Johnson - The Esteemed Maestro

Pass to the left or right? Who gets fresh greens? Local Bellingham boy Pablo is here with answers to all of your etiquette questions. When it comes to cannabis smoking etiquette, Pablo is the Boss. 

Pablo Ramirez - Weed Etiquette Boss

There are a lot of tough questions to be asked when it comes to the cannabis business, and there's no one better at getting down and dirty than the acclaimed Lou. Lou may not have all the answers (or any for that matter), but he's determined to hit the streets and get educated. We can't guarantee you'll learn anything, but we can guarantee you'll learn to love Lou.

Lou - The Street Correspondent


Directed by : AJ Winslow

Produced by: Jim Pidgeon & 2020 Solutions

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Special Thanks to:

Hand Crank Films, Trail Blazin' Productions, Evergreen Herbal, North Coast Growers, Smokey Point Productions Will Barret & all the amazing team members at 2020 Solutions.

Guests Apearances:

Sarah Myers, Matt Simpson, Jackie Muñoz, Christian Hinds, Greg Martinez, Andrew Bright