Ep 1: Medical Marijuana

In this pioneer episode, Kelly welcomes Sarah Myers, a Certified Medical Cannabis Consultant at 2020 Solutions at the North Bellingham location. She talks about CBD and new products available to treat various ailments. As well as an important tip on "Weed Etiquette" from Pablo.
These are some of the products discussed in this episode:
  • Flow CBD Gel by Fairwinds http://fairwindscannabis.com/
  • CBD Vaporizer Pen by Wildflower https://wildflowerus.com/
  • CBD-THC Tincture by Ethos http://ethosinnovates.com/
  • RSO Exctract by RSO+GO http://rsogo.com/
If you want to buy or know more about any of these or other products, visit 2020-solutions.com

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