Ep 5: Edibles & Beverages

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Medical Marijuana

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The Grower

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Concentartes Part 1

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Concentrates Part 2

This yummy episode features a visit from Andrew Bright with Evergreen Herbal, distributors of 4.20 Bars and infused beverages. Learn about the wide variety of edibles on the market as well as how to dose for the best experience possible. We will also be checking in with "Lou on the Streets" as he poses the all important question: Edibles or Flower? And another segment of "Weed Etiquette" with Pablo - with nuggets of info you need to know.
These are some of the products discussed in this episode:
  • Cannabis Quencher by Evergreen Herbal forevergreenherbal.com
  • The 4.20 Bar by Evergreen Herbal forevergreenherbal.com
If you want to buy or know more about any of these or other products, visit 2020-solutions.com

Episode 5:

Gadgets & Accessories