Ep 2: The Grower

Episode 1:

Medical Marijuana

Dope Cup winner Matt Sampson of North Coast Growers answers Kelly's questions. Plus we take a tour of a Cannabis farm at Trail Blazin' Productions in Bellingham.  Lou talks with owner Danielle Rosellison and takes us on an private look inside their Bellingham operation. We also visit Pablo with some great "Weed Etiquette".
Make sure to check out our guests' websites to learn more about their amazing products:
  • North Coast Growers northcoastgrowers.net
  • Trail Blazin' Productions trailblazin.net
If you want to purchase or find out more about any of these products, visit 2020-solutions.com

Episode 3:

Concentrates Part 1

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Concentartes Part 2

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Edibles & Beverages

Episode 5:

Gadgets & Accessories